Go Squirrel Girl!

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This Year's 2009 Winners:
Guac Queen: Squirrel Girl, with her "Guac the Casbah"
Second Place: Shared by three entrants – Toby's with "Enrique's Special",
Joel Pomerantz of SF's "Basil Gwaak!",
and Tor Taylor and Frank Gyorgy of West Marin, aka "The Guac Pagans"
Third Place (or fifth?): Grandpa Choco-pup with his "Chocomole"

See photos of the 2008 event

2008 Winners:
Guac King & Queen: David Dranitske and Tina Wolfe (of San Francisco), with their "Virgin of Guacalupe"
Second Place: Stephen Horvat (of Inverness), with his "Guac-tziki"
Third Place: Alice Giblin (of Forest Knolls), with her "Green guac with lime"

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2007 Winners:
Guac Queens: Tara & Alyssa Thrall (of Bolinas)
Second Place: Alan Cash & Nancy Eiselman (of Oakland)
Third Place: Tie between Robert & Lys Plotkin and David Levingston

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2006 Winner:
Guac King: David Levingston