The Art


This site displays a small sampling of the work I do.
Use the pull-down menu above to view the various galleries.
My work includes portraits, landscapes,
unlikely views of ordinary reality,
and images shot throughout travels,
from as far and wide as India and Nepal, to the American Southwest,
and places I haven't been to yet.

I make (or used to make!) archival fiber-based black & white prints the traditional way,
looking through the lens of a Nikon FE-2, or a Rolleiflex from 1959,
wearing a Gossen light meter hanging by a shoelace around my neck,
and making prints by my hand in a darkroom.

if you are interested in any of the images you have seen on my site,
or would like to see other images in my portfolio,
or would like to have your picture taken (I call it PhotoEnquiry),
please feel free to .

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