The Words


Words from a good friend, also serving as a Statement of sorts
when i watch you take photos or when you've taken photos of me,
and when i look at your images what i see is worship.
it doesn't matter whether the image is a portrait or not,
it's anything you see. it's like it's your way of worshipping life –
all of it. the dead deer, the yogi, your friends, your lovers,
the landscapes, the light. in your eye and through the lens
everything becomes so beautiful.
everything is just as it is but heightened also.

Words from R.C.
Your images embody the reverent and the absurd.

Words from Philip Larsen, an art scholar from the 1960's
Art has "...the potential to excite sensations not often possible in the ordinary world.
If it does nothing but that, we should be grateful."

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