About Us

We have both been passionate about food and cooking for many years. For Ellen, it began at age 12, when she wrote and illustrated her own cookbook. David’s food passion came alive during college in the form of fervent and unlikely casserole experiments.

Inspired by our mutual love of food, especially ethnic and unusual dishes, we began cooking together several years ago. While living in California, our appreciation of simple iconic foods that—when done right—make us melt with satisfaction, motivated us to organize the annual "Guac-Off" in Point Reyes Station, pitting local residents’ guacamole recipes against one another in a friendly—but fierce—competition.

In Vermont, we landed an opportunity to participate in the Brattleboro Area Farmers Market. In the warmer months of 2008, for 6 months we made a weekly commitment to creating international dishes cooked to order using a highly convoluted ingredient list and the least efficient methods possible. That was a Dharma Gate for both of us, as my friend Jasper might say.