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Guac Off 2009!

Once Again, Pooh & Tigger Are Hosting
The Fourth Annual West Marin Guac Off!

See photos of this year's event!

This Year's 2009 Winners:
Guac Queen: Squirrel Girl, with her "Guac the Casbah"
Second Place: Shared by three entrants – Toby's with "Enrique's Special",
Joel Pomerantz of SF's "Basil Gwaak!",
and Tor Taylor and Frank Gyorgy of West Marin's "Damn Good Pagan Guac"
Third Place (or fifth?): Grandpa Choco-pup with his "Chocomole"

See all participants and post-event missive

Think you've got the best guacamole recipe in West Marin?

Come put it to the test!
"Pit" your prize guac recipe against those
of your fellow townsfolk.
All are welcome to participate in this free & fun event.
Come cast your vote for this year's guac king or queen!

Sunday, February 15th, from Noon-1 PM,
in front of Toby's Feed Barn.

For details, call (415) 717-0918, or email: guacoff@gmail.com

Info and guidelines for guac entrants here

The Archives – Past Events, Victors, Photos & Recipes

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Banner image by Hagit, from Tel Aviv, Israel