Puri Nursury Rhyme

Fish Heads  Fish Heads,  all in a row
A black Crow perched on a terrified skull.
Shark heads sitting in a colorful line
Sinking in the sand, passing time.
Fish Heads  Fish Heads,  Shark Head Stew,
10 Million maggots making turtle soup.
Fresh fish liver
   pink and green
Eyeballs intact
   Sacred Teeth.
Fish scraps and sugar snacks,
   bicycle tire tracks,
      men, squatting on the shore;
Tight round scrotum,
   hanging penis,
      piles of shit by the shore.
Who took the Turtle Eggs?,
 - - I want to know!
“Not I,”  said the lizard.
“Not I,”  said the crab.
“Not I,”  said the dog, lying dead on his back.


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