To The Dessert

sunrise glyph

The project is a book illustrated with photographs.
The material is culled from a solo trip to the American Southwest undertaken in the Fall of 1998.

The introduction describes some interests that motivated the project,
some of the themes that run through the imagery,
and a semi-academic explanation of Native American rock art with approaches to understanding its meaning.

The body of the book derives from a travelogue.
It consists of a short creative prose piece that has the appearance of a long running poem.
The story recounts the author's searches for Native American petroglyphs and his encounters with nature, local folks, and fellow travelers.
The images accompany the story in the body section, and reflect the text that runs along the facing pages.
The images consist of color as well as black & white photographs.
The subjects include landscapes, petroglyphs, pictographs, deteriorating signage from America's roadside culture of the 1950's and 1960's (primarily from Old Route 66),
and some unlikely views of reality.

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